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We got mortgage expert everywhere in united state and we are there to provide good standards service to our clients. We offer low-interest rates home loan programs and we have multiple loan programs that you can choose from. You can visit or speak with our mortgage professionals face to face and they will help you get our loans at cheaper interest rates. They will also help you get the loan that is suitable for you. They have a number of experience and they will assist you to be it for first time home buyer or for refinancing the veteran home loan in El Paso.

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  • Attract 3% down payment 
  • It has PMI which are reduced unlike to the FHA home loans
  • It comes with flexible terms of 30, 20, 15 and 10 years
  • When you are approved you will not pay any lenders fee 
  • It has low-interest rates to pay per month


  • Down payment required is 3.5%
  • It has rehab loans that you can use for house renovation
  • It has one of the attractive interest rates 
  • It’s easy to qualify especially if you have a higher debt to income to qualify


  • It’s one of the best government loans 
  • It has no down payment and mortgage insurance as required by the El Paso VA loans guidelines
  • It is easy to qualify with 100% financing


  • Just like the El Paso VA home loan, it has no down payment
  • It also has full 100% financing with low-interest rates
  • It has PMI cost but they are low
  • To qualify you must have a reliable income and home location must be in USDA home locality.

We have one major objective about our lending company and that is we want a long-lasting relationship with our clients in order to continue providing these good services for many centuries to come. We are trusted by the lending community this is simply because we secure our client’s information. We make it private and confidential unlike to other lending companies.

If you want to communicate with us, you can either do that by speaking directly to our mortgage professionals. They are also conversant with our product. You can also choose to call and speak to us which it’s also good and you can also utilize our site. We look forward to working with you.

For more than 17 years now Prodigy lending team we have been providing award-winning service to our clients, so get yourself pre-approved process today. We have also won great honors like the united state top workplaces. We are proud for winning this award for the last consecutive years and will are committed even to provide the best service.

You can also find the lowest and most current mortgage rates with us this is because we provide competitive rates on your home loan. So if you want to refinance to a lower mortgage you have to realize that the current mortgage rate is offered on the basis of market stability. Please fill the form and there is no obligation cited.

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