Goodies from prodigy lending home company in Santa Teresa, NM


Our team consists of experienced mortgage professional s that you can find them anywhere in the united state. We are there to offer quality standards home loan service, in combination we offer lowest mortgage rates and also we have multiple loan programs. So when you get in touch with our mortgage professionals they will be able to assist you to get a loan that is specifically designated for you and for a low-interest rate. It doesn’t matter whether the loan you need it’s for buying a house or it’s for refinancing another loan

Here are various loans for you!


  • It’s a special loan program with:
  • No down payment and 100% refinancing
  • It offers lower interest rates and closing cost
  • It’s easy to qualify if you have dependable income with the home being in USDA home proximity


  • The VA loan requirement in Santa Teresa is that you have no down payment to pay
  • Santa Teresa home loan has no mortgage insurance and you have to pay a small closing fee
  • Santa Teresa VA loan details is that you will receive 100% financing
  • Current VA rates in Santa Teresa is the best rate for a government loan


  • You need 3% down payment 
  • You need to reduce PMI than one in FHA home loan 
  • It has a good flexible duration ranging from10-30 years
  • Your credit score determines your low-interest rates
  • Zero lenders fee


  • It’s the most popular home loan with 3.5% down payment
  • With seductive interest rates, it has easy qualification
  • Renovation loans are available 
  • You need the higher debt-income ratio

Our key determination is that we have a long span relationship with our customers even for future years to come. This will enable us to achieve and even provide more value-added service to clients. Your information is safe with thus unlike to other lending companies nationwide. We will protect it for you and this is the reason why we are trusted countrywide by the community.

For now more than 17 years we have been providing award-winning service and it has enabled us to win the united state top workplaces award. We have won the prestigious award for 8 consecutive years and thus why we are proud and honored for such recognition.

If you need competitive rates for your home loan please try use because we offer lowest rates than any other mortgage industries and also we have most current home loan rates if a need of refinancing loan or even for first time home buyers to purchase a house. What you should know that our current mortgage rates have no obligation simply because of the currents trends in the mortgage industries. The rates will fluctuate with market demand. So waste no time just quickly fill the forms and applications.

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