Prodigy lenders is a top workplace in Chamberino, NM


Are you opting to buy a new house especially for the first time home buyers? Or do you wish to refinance your veteran home loan in Chamberino? Or maybe you want to consolidate your loan? Don’t worry will provide all that service with the lowest rate possible? We have mortgage professional experts all over the united state who you will meet face to face with them and they will be able to get you a loan that is tailored specifically for you and your situation and expectation needs we offer lowest rate home loans and multiple of them. We are also committed to proving you with the quality serve vice of your mortgage needs.

Here are the loans we offer:


  • Has a flexible rate of 10 to 30 years period 
  • A small percentage of 3% is required for a down payment
  • FHA home loans have higher PMI rates than conventional home loans
  • Your score will determine your low-interest rates.


  • You have to pay 3.5% down payment
  • You can get rehab loans
  • It has very seductive monthly payable interest rates
  • For easy qualification, you need higher debt to income ratio


  •  Veterans home loan requires no down payment and with 100% financing
  • VA loan requirements in Chamberino needs no mortgage insurance
  • It is easy to qualify as it is the best-rated government loan
  • It attracts closing cost which is cheap


  • NO down payment required and it has low-interest rates 
  •  It also comes with 100% full package financing
  •  It has mortgage insurance but for a lower cost
  •  To qualify your home location must be in range with USDA area specifications also you need a reliable income

What we opt to do to our client is to create a long-lasting relationship with them. We must also ensure that this long-lasting relationship will be there for the number of years to come in order to continue providing excellent service. We also safeguard our client’s information and document unlike e to other lending companies who might even share it with many other people. This is the reason why we are trusted by the community.

There are channels you can use to communicate with us. One you can speak directly to our outstanding mortgage professionals, you can also call us or use our site to collect information they may be useful to you.

For more than 17 years now we have been providing our client with award-winning service and thus why we have won the top workplace award for the last 8 years. This means that the work we are doing is being recognized and is a great job and we are proud of it.

We offer lower interest and most current rates at your home loan. Thus why we are the best private lenders in the USA. Don’t waste time for current mortgage rates we have no obligation quoted so just fill the forms and apply.

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